The Traveler Recordings and Songbook, Message and Meditation, and Radio program

These songs represent a collaboration across time and space between composer, pianist, and vocalist Cathy DeWitt, and the beloved poet laureate of the Unity movement, James Dillet Freeman. Cathy’s compositions are each uniquely and perfectly suited to both the message and the cadence of Dillet’s distinctive poetry. Hearing Cathy sing these words is a truly joyous experience! Learn more about each of the songs here.

From the opening notes of the Celtic flute on the first song, this album draws you into a world of beauty, magic, comfort and inspiration. Melodies of love, faith and kindness are sung to an accompaniment of lush organic sounds, filling the listener with peace and plenty of “goosebump moments.”

Scroll down a bit to read Cathy’s liner notes for this extraordinary project.

Traveler family

I guess you could say this collaboration with James Dillet Freeman started back in the 80’s, when I wrote a simple melody for his Prayer for Protection. James’ poems have always spoken to me; I love the way his poetry portrays the relationship between God and Nature, simplicity and Spirit… Then about two years ago music just started coming to me, flowing through me, when I would sit at the piano and look at his poetry. In a way it’s been a lesson in faith. I feel honored and blessed to have this unique relationship with this beloved poet. James’ widow, Virginia Love-Freeman, has been a joyful, encouraging friend and supporter throughout this project, from start to finish. Virginia says “the music is wonderful, and really honors James.” My mission with this music is to bring people joy, comfort, healing, inspiration, a sense of oneness and connection.

I could never have completed this project without the support and dedication of Rob Rothschild-my husband, sound engineer, drummer, percussionist, and best friend. Tracy Collins did a brilliant job of orchestrating and arranging many of the songs. Mike Davis transcribed my charts so I could make the accompanying songbook. I am so grateful to the many wonderful musicians who added their talents to this project.

Thanks to our Executive Producers: Ben Campen (Smiley’s Antique mall—Micanopy), Belinda and Larry Wurn (Clear Passage), Heart Phoenix and Jeffrey Weisberg, Jeff Dunne and David Etherington, and my dear cousins. And to our Producers: Helen and Ralph Rothschild; Scott Camil and Sherry Steiner; Gwen Lindsey, Susan Henry-Young, Anne Young, Mel Rummel, and Vicki Santello. This project would not have been possible without their generous support.

My thanks to Unity for keeping me in touch with the Source that connects all things, and especially to Unity of Gainesville, my spiritual home for the past 20 years, and Shands Arts in Medicine, where it’s my privilege to use music to truly make a difference in people’s lives. I am so grateful to God, Spirit, the Universe, and my musical family and friends. A portion of the proceeds of this CD are donated to Unity Association in loving memory of James Dillet Freeman.

Recorded by Rob Rothschild, Tracy Collins, Bob McPeek, and Peter Sprague. Mixed by Rob Rothschild. Mastered by Pete Winter at Winterstone Sound. Produced by Cathy DeWitt.